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Bluetech’s directors have considerable experience in all aspects of waterfront development from the design and construction of new marinas to the refurbishment or re-construction of canal and river structures. Bluetech are currently lead consultants for both the Chesterfield and Lichfield & Hatherton Canals restoration schemes and continue to win prestigious contracts over a wide variety of waterside developments.

Site Investigation

investigate physical and chemical properties of the local geology with NAMAS accredited laboratory testing and comprehensive reports and recommendations from qualified engineers. Testing can be on land or water and are tailored to suit site specific requirements.

Topographical Surveys

Using the latest remote technology, we offer the ability for a detailed topographical survey of your site in a format compatible with AutoCAD. Dip surveys through water or sonar surveys in deep water locations can also be undertaken. This service extends to volume calculations and 3-D modelling.

Architectural Design

A full Architectural design facility including plans, sections and detailed specifications for both external works and buildings to suit your requirements. Our team has a wide variety of expertise in many sectors and work closely with our clients to transform a concept into the finished product.

Structural Design Management

Whether steel, concrete or timber, our structural engineers can provide a solution to any challenge. With a civil engineering capacity, we offer a complete design solution for the complete infrastructure and building requirements.

Planning Advice

We promote the need for a planning opinion from the onset of any project to increase the prospect of planning success. Our vastly experienced team work closely with the appropriate local authority for a full planning application in line with local policy and through to the discharge of any planning conditions.

Feasibility Studies

The starting point of any project is to ascertain feasibility. Our experienced team will help investigate, quantify and qualify key physical and commercial factors in assessing the viability of your project.

Project Management

We offer a ‘turn-key’ whole project service from concept through to the build-phase if required with experience in all aspects of the process.

Service Design and Installation

Working with key partners, we can design and install all your service requirements whether this be electrical, water, drainage, sewage, telephone, data or wifi. We will provide a solution to meet your needs and budget tailored to your specific site constraints.


As well as new developments we offer dredging services – via both ‘dig and dump’ and ‘cut and suction’ techniques. This includes all permissions, testing and monitoring requirements as stipulated by the appropriate regulating authority.

Bank Protection and Erosion Control

A wide variety of erosion protection techniques can be designed and installed by our site teams, whether this be sheet piling, gabions, nicospan, rip-rap stone, or proprietary revetment walling.


We have considerable experience in the refurbishment of marinas and waterfront facilities. Techniques are developed to cause minimum impact to the ongoing business whilst still being cost effective.

Supporting Infrastructure

We are experienced in providing the necessary infrastructure to support new developments from individual boat moorings to large mixed-use sites. We can advise on the most appropriate facilities to suite your site-specific requirements and design/construct appropriate infrastructure to satisfy statutory requirements, whilst fulfilling your personal goals.

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